Our History : Paving Roads Financial Strategies | Brea, CA

Our History

Janice Maggs winning agent of the year award in 1986

David Chang attending a council party with local general office agents

David Chang attending a council get-together with fellow Chinese culture market agents

Janice Maggs attending a New York Life workshop

David Chang attending a council trip with fellow agents and associates at New York Life

Taken at Daniel’s First Executive Council meeting in 2013 with New York Life CEO Ted Mathas

Taken at Daniel’s First President Council meeting in 2015 with New York Life CEO Ted Mathas

Taken at Daniel’s First Chairman’s Council meeting in 2022 with New York Life CEO Ted Mathas

Daniel celebrating council with the Chinese Market agents

Daniel and his family at Chairman’s Council celebration in 2022

Paving Roads began over 40 years ago as a tragedy turned opportunity for a young immigrant mother who had lost her husband. In 1983, Janice Maggs began her career with New York Life. She was able to become a top agent due to her personal experience of suddenly becoming a widow. She shared her story through phone calls, introductions, referrals, door-to-door introductions. 30-some years later, many clients still recall the passion and drive that Janice had when they first met her. Over Janice’s career, she was able to make council over 26 years in a row: 12 times in Chairman’s Council, 9 times in President’s council and 5 times in executive council. She was the Council Regional 2nd Vice President twice. Janice has qualified for MDRT for over 36 years and is a lifetime member. She has qualified for Court of the Table 9 times and Top of the Table 2 times. She is now retired in Sedona Arizona.

In 1993, David Chang was just leaving the real estate business as the market was crashing. His good friend, late Christine K. Young, who was just nominated as Council Vice President, introduced him to New York Life Insurance Company. David immediately began transitioning his business in real estate to life insurance and retirement planning. That year, David won the new agent of the year award and subsequently was able to qualify for his first Executive Council. David continued to stay an agent for many years until he was called to transition into a training position within the company where he trained and developed new agents. He transitioned back to an agent role in late 2005 and continued to work until his son graduated from college.

In 2008, Daniel Chang was still in college and had just passed his life insurance license exam. It was September and he and his father David were staring at the TV watching CNBC show the stock market down over 1000 points. It was the start of Daniel’s career.

In 2009, upon graduation, Daniel immediately began working at New York Life and reached out to his friends for business, but most were also recent graduates. With a limited market, Daniel began reaching out to a niche market: Chinese-speaking existing clients at New York Life. He began by offering policy reviews and doing whatever service work that Chinese-speaking clients required – many of whom were just burdened to make the changes themselves due to their language barrier. Eventually these service requests led to new business opportunities and Daniel was able to build his practice.

In 2013, David Chang began to retire and transition his practice to Daniel. In 2014, Janice Maggs also began to transition her practice to Daniel. Fast-forward to 2022, Daniel Chang has been continuing to service his clients with the same urgency and fervor as he did when he was a young college graduate. Daniel Chang is currently a Chairman’s Council, Court of the Table Financial Advisor with Eagle Strategies.